Adding Curb Appeal and Property Value: Landscaping Features Worth Considering

Whether you own property in Baltimore, Columbia, MD or Howard County, if you’re looking for ways to enhance the visual appeal and value of your property, exploring investments in landscaping features could be a worthwhile consideration. Baltimore landscaping professionals have the potential to elevate your home’s curb appeal, making it more enticing to potential buyers and visitors. Additionally, it can improve the overall functionality and comfort of your outdoor space, enabling you to derive greater enjoyment throughout the year.

Knowing What You Want

However, it’s crucial to recognize that not all landscaping features are of equal merit. Factors such as maintenance requirements, cost implications, and overall impact vary across different options. Requirements for curb-appealing landscaping in Columbia, MD might differ from the needs of property in Baltimore. Therefore, it’s important to select landscaping features that align with your specific needs, budget constraints, and location.

We’ll talk about three landscaping features that hold value for property owners in Howard County, Columbia MD, and Baltimore.

These features include:

  • Hardscaping
  • Aquatic Gardening
  • Leveling & Grading

Let’s explore each of these features more closely and understand how they can contribute to the enhancement of your property.


Hardscaping, encompassing elements like patios, walkways, and fences, brings structure and functionality to your landscape, enhancing accessibility and safety. Utilizing materials like concrete, brick, or wood, hardscaping can range from simple to intricate, complementing your home’s style and personal preferences.

Examples of hardscaping projects include patios with fire pits, well-lit walkways with water features, retaining walls for privacy, and pergolas for shade. Each project not only adds aesthetic value but also serves practical purposes.

Thoughtful hardscaping choices not only elevate the visual appeal of your property but also contribute to a more functional and secure outdoor space. Professionals like Pro Landscaping MD, experienced in landscaping in Howard County, can help you with better hardscaping choices.

Aquatic gardening

Aquatic gardening involves creating and maintaining water features in your landscape, such as ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and birdbaths. This practice enhances the beauty and tranquility of your outdoor space, attracting wildlife like birds, butterflies, frogs, and fish. Additionally, aquatic gardening contributes to temperature and humidity regulation through cooling and evaporative effects.

Choices include diverse plant and animal options like water lilies, lotus, koi, and turtles, tailored to your climate and soil conditions. Notable projects include ponds with waterfalls, streams for movement and sound, birdbaths for bird attraction, and container water gardens for smaller spaces.

Leveling and grading

Leveling and grading involve adjusting the slope and elevation of your landscape to achieve a flat or gently sloping surface. This process enhances both the appearance and functionality of your outdoor space by eliminating unevenness that may lead to drainage issues, erosion, or flooding. Moreover, leveling and grading create additional usable space for various landscaping features, such as planting or hardscaping.

Examples of projects that can benefit your property include achieving a level lawn or flower bed for improved aesthetics, preventing soil erosion and water runoff with a graded slope or terrace, adding height and interest to your landscape with a raised bed or berm, and diverting excess water away from your foundation through a swale or ditch.

Working with an experienced Baltimore landscaping company, to incorporate all these features into your aquatic gardening into your landscape, not only enhances aesthetics and biodiversity but also offers functional benefits.

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