Benefits of Wheeled Dumpers On Site

There are various types of plant hire requirement on a construction site, with many different tasks and challenges to be met. When it comes to dumpers and dumper hire, you’ll know that the choice is between tracked dumpers and wheeled dumper hire, and here, we’ll take a look at how wheeled dumpers work on site and everything you need to know before making a decision on your plant hire contract and needs.

What is a wheeled dumper for use on a site? 

Traditionally, a wheeled site dumper is a four-wheel drive vehicle that is open and sees the driver seated in a high position above the rear of the vehicle, above the engine. You’ll find a load skip at the front of a dumper. A wheeled dumper works in a fashion where it moves forward into the right position for the task at hand and utilises hydraulics to dump the materials and waste that can be found in the skip. This is where the terminology of a forward tipping dumper comes from.

What are the different types of dumpers for site use? 

You’ll find when searching for wheeled dumpers for hire that the capacities can go all the way up to 10t, and there are different variations of dumper to choose from too. There are general purpose skip dumpers that are used to collect debris and waste on site in the motion and application mentioned above, as well as moving different materials for discharge at various locations on site.You can also find rotating (or swivel) skip dumpers and high tip dumpers. If you are struggling for space a swivel skip dumper is the perfect wheeled dumper for your site, as it can be used to move into tight areas, to discharge materials into trenches and sewers, and also for backfilling tasks. A high tip dumper is used for tipping waste into skips or for loading into hoppers. All wheeled dumpers are easily manoeuvred, making them incredibly useful on any construction site.

Good use of wheeled dumpers 

The very nature of a compact wheeled dumper makes it an incredibly popular choice of plant hire on any site. There are many construction site challenges and if there is a restricted space that is causing a potential problem, a dumper can be used to boost productivity and efficiency without worrying too much about the lack of space to move in. Space and movement is always crucial for effective task completion on any construction site, and a wheeled dumper provides the solution you are often searching for.

This is why you see wheeled dumpers used on construction sites for big infrastructure projects, housing developments and other types of sites. They provide that level of versatility and performance that is crucial on any site. They can transport earth, gravel, sand, wet concrete and a wide range of other construction materials, whilst also acting as a vehicle to remove items and debris from the site in an efficient manner too. Attachments for dumpers allows for even greater flexibility, allowing for the tow of trailers on site, boosting functionality as a result.

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