Best Methods For Real Estate Valuation For Commercial Purposes

Borrowing, selling, or purchasing any piece of real estate for commercial purpyoses is no simple process. Regardless of whether it is an apartment building or an industrial complex, or a business structure of sorts, appraisals are a lot more subjective compared to residential reviews. This is because commercial values are highly dependent on elements like the present market price for rent. This leaves very few options available along with the overall cost of maintenance. On that note, let’s look at the best methods for real estate valuations.


Valuation methods usually require you to assess the cost of the building from scratch. Here, you need to take into consideration the present value of the land along with construction material along with other costs that are associated with existing structures and their replacements. The cost of the approach is usually applicable when the comparables are hard to locate. This could be made when very unique or maybe very specific improvements are required to be made.

Comparison Of Sales Approach

This kind of method highly depends on the date of the sale for the properties that were comparable before. Before you seek any buildings that have similar properties within the same area, your buyer will surely ascertain the market value for your property.

Capitalization Approach

This method is highly dependent on the price every investor can hope to derive from one specific property. The income that is projected could also be derived from any part of the comparison apart from local properties like any decrease in maintenance costs. When you purchase a building that costs 1 million and expects a hike of 5%, depending on local research. Approximately 50k dollars in income may also be improved by tightening all the efficiencies or even passing the costs to your tenant. All the future income that is discounted should also reflect the current value.


The valuation method for commercial purposes is often used for apartment buildings instead of present structures. The method also determines the worth of the entire building depending on the units. The building which has 20 apartments priced within 4 million can be valued at two hundred thousand dollars for every door, regardless of the size of each unit.

Cost Per Foot

Finally, you have to understand the cost per food. The rentable footage will usually combine the usage square per footage along with common areas that benefit from like elevators, and stairwells. With the help of this methodology, you will easily be able to extrapolate the cost of every rentable for every square foot and then you can compare the cost on the basis of that and commercial valuation costs depending on the value of the building.

Towards the end, always remember that every buyer that you meet will view and value your property in a different manner. The valuation of your property wont has any unscientific or subjective component. The best real estate investors who have improved their instincts around find the best and most attractive deals along with effective methods of valuation for all transaction types.

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