Why It Makes a Lot of Sense to Use a Patio Misting System for your Property

Extreme heat can cause some health issues such as exhaustion, fatigue, and dehydration. Unfortunately, people of any age can fall prey to the soaring summer temperatures. Investing in a high-pressure misting system is an effective way to keep your outdoors cool and enjoy being outside your house during the summer.

A high pressure patio misting system is an effective way to keep your patio refreshing and cool, especially during hot summer months. The system makes use of the evaporation principle to cooling an area and reducing the temperature. Evaporation uses heat from the air. But, to get the optimal cooling effect, it is important to set up the patio mister at least eight feet from the ground. By putting at this height, the system would also cover a big area.

A patio misting system comes with mist nozzles and a high-pressure water pump that helps in generating tiny water drops which get sprayed over the area to be cooled. The covered area doesn’t get wet. Also, outdoor furniture doesn’t get dampened. If you are looking to gain these benefits a patio misting system offers, get it installed in your outdoors right away. Keep reading to know how the system can effectively keep you cool:

High-Pressure Misting Fans

A high pressure misting fan is continuing to grow in popularity because of its effectiveness and low price. The majority of misting fans have a ceramic nozzle attached to them which sprays a mist of water into the air. Such mist evaporates in when it comes in contact with the air that the fan circulates, creating a cooling effect without any residual moisture. High-pressure misting fans let you sit outside for long hours while feeling comfortable and cool.

High Pressure Misting Systems

These systems are the best solutions for bigger areas like a stadium, complex, restaurant, or park. High-pressure misting systems are designed to cool big spaces with little ease. Also, they are known for helping with fire and smoke control, as well as frost protection and odor removal.

Benefits of Both Systems

A high-pressure mist can minimize the air temperature by up to 30 degrees F. Also, it can keep away insects such as mosquitoes and flies from your area. It generates a mist that can also help in reducing pollutants such as dust and smoke. A high-pressure misting fan is easy to use. In fact, you can install it by yourself, without the need to hire a professional.

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