Different types of cranes for construction

Cranes are one of the most powerful machines required in the construction site especially in modern constructions for lifting, lowering, and transporting heavy materials. They are used in private and commercial projects. Companies or private tent to hire and others buy from known companies with experience of cranes. In van Adrighem cranes they sell, rent, and purchase new and used cranes for construction. Construction cranes are in two categories: Mobile cranes and static cranes.

Mobile cranes

These are the type of crane which could have wheels, rails or cat truck which enables it to move all around the construction site freely. It has a movable platform attached with a telescopic boom or steel truss. It is most used in construction sites with wide space within the construction area. Mobile cranes can adapt very fast to the construction site of different sizes. There are various types of mobile cranes such as Truck-mounted cranes, Loader cranes, telescopic cranes, carry deck cranes, crawler cranes, rough terrain, and floating crane.

Truck-mounted cranes

A truck-mounted crane is a type of mobile crane which is made of a carrier(truck), and boom(arm). It has a design that enables it to move easily and fast on the road even while transporting material. It has outriggers that provide the stability of the truck while working.

Carry deck cranes

Carry deck cranes are a new type of mobile cranes that came to replace some older cranes. They are small in size as compared to the other cranes, with four wheels and able to rotate a full 360 degrees within the limited space in the construction site. It uses outriggers to lift and load materials and items throughout the site onto the deck.

Rough terrain cranes

Rough terrain crane is a mobile type of crane which is used for the off-road construction site or rough area. It is outfitted with four rubber wheels which are equipped with a four-wheel drive, telescopic booms, and outriggers to improve its stability while working in rough areas.

Static cranes

Are also known as fixed cranes because they fitted at one location or spot in the construction site of the project. They are set in place as long as the project is in the progress for its service. The only thing which lacks on static cranes is mobility. They can lift heavy loads and even to higher heights compared to mobile cranes. There are different types of static cranes such as Bridge/overhead cranes, bulk-handling cranes, stacker cranes, hammerhead cranes, and tower cranes.

Bridge/overhead crane

It is categorized into two, gantry cranes and jib cranes. Gantry cranes are supported by two steel frames built on a track. It has legs fixed on the rail embedded on top of the floor. They are mostly used in indoor applications like bridge constructions. Jib cranes are a space-saving crane, economical and ideal for a job like moving items within a small area. It is installed in a workstation and used for repetitive activities.

Bulk- handling cranes

Are used to carry very large volumes of heavy items within the construction site like coal or minerals. It has a special hook that utilizes a grabbing mechanism and grabs the bucket, holds and lifts the items up to the required site.

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